Nobody likes waiting or queues. The same can be said about waiting for websites to load. The different of a second or two can be the difference between making a sale online, or retaining customers. At IHTCI Digital we use optimised website hosting and a stable development platform to offer our customers an efficient and reliable page speed.

We are often asked “Will it appear in Google Searches?” The simple answer is, yes, with the right keywords, time and patience. Search Engine Optimisation can be extremely expensive, but there are many ways to get started. Let IHTCI Digital help you achieve better Organic and Natural search results from with Search Engine Optimisation. Make your Keywords work for you.

Page Performance

Available if Hosted by IHTCI Digital:

  • Cloudflare CDN Integration
  • SG SuperCacher (Static)
  • SG SuperCacher (Dynamic)

Image Optimisation


  • Aesthetically optimised images
  • Images sizes Smushed for Page load
  • Alt Tags, Titles and Media Data Added

Search Engine & Keywords


  • Vanilla SEO Optimisation
  • Google Insights Report Actioned
  • Page or Product Keyword Optimisation